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Change and innovation is permanent enterprise language of Huida.
Higher target is permanent enterprise seeking of Huida.

Innovation is power and guarantee for the development of the enterprise. We must regard management and technology as the innovating core to drive the whole enterprise. But any innovation should comply with the efficiency i.e. efficiency and benifit principle. The type of innovation is diversified, it can be the invention and creation of new technology& new product, be to solve the difficult technological problem and improve the product quality, also to be the innovation of concept and the management method.

Regarding all the visitors to our company as our customer, To our customer, our root is honesty, our tenet is service. The requirment of the customer is forever our start.

The soul of the organization spirit is positive and join. "Positive"is to require the action of numbers in organization according with standard, requirment and rules. "Join" is to comity, cooperation, communication, understanding and support.

Quality is the character of the enterprise. it not only behave on working quality and product quality, but also include the life quality and moral culture of every stuff. The enterprise and every stuff should work hard everything. Perfection is our permament pursuing. And the base of the perfection is earnest.

Labouring, knowledge, management and capital that they creat the value of enterprise, all that should participate in distribution. But the type of distribution must have the difference. Distribution should embody the inspirited principle, the balance of short-term and long-term, At the same time, its equal should embody on the relationship of dedication&output. Distribution also reflect on the guidance of policy and the strategy of competition.

·Practice and realist
The enterprise should deal with concrete matters relating to work , the stuff should be that too, every job embody the spirit of practice and realist.

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